Flooring Stains

November 05, 2018

Are you keen to have your hardwood floors stained?

Are you keen to have your hardwood floors stained? Once a floor has been laid, the color can be dramatically changed by using a stain on it. A flooring stain is usually a water-based liquid which can be applied to the wood and left to soak in. Flooring stains can help protect the floor from UV rays and weathering.

If you want to ensure that your floor is protected and keeps its shine, then flooring stains or stained flooring might prove ideal. Just one of the products we offer is engineered walnut colour stained lacquered oak flooring, which is ideal for kitchens and living areas.

Wooden flooring never goes out of style. It adds a quality of timelessness to your interiors, making them look sophisticated and stylish. If you want to install wood flooring, then look to Easy Step Flooring.

We specialize in quality wood flooring to suit all tastes and budgets. Buying direct from the manufacturer, we pass on the best quality flooring products to you at great prices.

We make choosing a new floor easy and stress-free. 

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