What Color Wood will suit your Home Interior?

May 31, 2018

Without even knowing it, flooring can set the tone of your space....

Without even knowing it, flooring can set the tone of your space. In fact, by simply changing the texture or colour of a floor, you can create a dramatic difference to your interior decor. Follow our blog to determine which tones in wooden flooring will best suit your style.

Pale and light – Using a lighter or neutral coloured palette will promote a sense of tranquility while making a room feel lighter and more spacious. Additionally, a lighter tone of wood will accentuate both modern and traditional styles of furnishings.

Note: Use contrasting colours in your furnishings to accentuate the wood colour in order to prevent a stark or pale, clinical feeling.

Yellow or Honey – Honey tones within flooring offer a traditional feel that will easily match any space. Since this is a popular choice, it is widely available in both solid and engineered flooring. Additionally, a lighter tone of flooring is a desirable selection since it will better disguise dirt and debris from very active homes with children or pets.

Red – Implementing reddish or darker cherry tones will add a luxurious and rich feel. The deeper the hues along with dramatic furnishings will make your space look quite expensive. If you desire a bold statement with your flooring, then consider incorporating deep red-toned floors, as it will create the intimate and exquisite feel that you desire.

Brown – Brownish tones within flooring may be one of the most common colour palettes in wood flooring today. By using brown coloured flooring, you will establish a comfortable and very natural-feeling space within your home. If you desire a more rustic feel, then try mixing a brown tone with textured wood, such as hand scraped flooring. Also, brown toned wood can vary in colour, so choose a lighter brown for a safer and more natural feel to your space or select deeper tones to create a luxurious statement.

As you can see, the tone of a floor can create the look and feel of a space that you desire. Before you purchase your wooden flooring, we recommend to obtain flooring samples in order to choose the best floor for you. Remember to stop by our blog for all of your flooring needs.

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