A guide into How to Maintain Your Wood Flooring?

May 31, 2018

Wooden flooring offers a warm and luxurious feel to a home..

Eco-friendly tips for cleaning your wooden floors

Wooden flooring offers a warm and luxurious feel to a home. Additionally, it’s also able to reduce the amount of allergen buildup in your space. For the ultimate clean floor, many have transitioned to using chemical-free beeswax to protect and clean their flooring without using harsh chemicals. Follow our blog on how to clean your floor with environmentally friendly beeswax and how it may suit you.

Before you apply any cleaner or substance to your quality wooden flooring, you must determine the finish on the surface of the floor. The various finishes may react differently to chemicals and cleaners and may even damage the flooring. Another important factor to consider is that your protective layer may have worn down over the years. To test this, try sprinkling water on the floor, if the flooring soaks up the water, then your floor does not have a protective barrier any longer.

Once you determined the type of finish on the surface of your flooring, then start the cleaning process in a hidden corner of the floor to test the cleaner on the surface. If your floor does not have a protective layer then stray away from using light water for mopping. Instead, directly apply beeswax with a soft cloth to create a protective layer upon your floor. This will help protect your floor and make it easy to maintain with only minor sweeping.

To ensure long lasting beauty upon your flooring, apply the eco-friendly beeswax multiple times a year, which can help keep your floor clean and lustrous. Beeswax is a versatile material which can be applied to both solid flooring and engineered flooring varieties.

As time passes, and you need to revive your floors, you are able to sand the protective coat off and replace your flooring’s surface layer with beeswax to ensure the ultimate environmentally-free and maintenance-free flooring.

As you know, stop by our blog for all of your flooring needs. Remember, before you purchase hardwood flooring, always obtain free wooden flooring samples to test out the style of flooring that best suits you.

Bona Mop, Non Toxic, Chemical Free

Bona Mop, Non Toxic, Chemical Free

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