Brighten A Space With A Colour Flooring

May 30, 2018

Your home should inspire you and even invoke the feeling of relaxation, making you feel good about your space....

Your home should inspire you and even invoke the feeling of relaxation, making you feel good about your space. Typically, people do not feel this way about their space because they are too nervous to take on even the slightest of decorating risks.

Most people are unaware that with just a few simple changes, such as colour and flooring, they are able to transition a bland room into a bright and welcoming place that reflects their style. Follow our blog on how to transform your space from bland into the special space that you have always wanted.

Analyse your current space
Before you jump into a project, look through samples from magazines or and take notes of the features that you admire in interior spaces.

Whether you are revamping a room or an entire house, start by changing a single room, possibly starting with the room that you spend the most time, such as a living room or sunroom. Take photographs of your current space and take note of the features that you particularly like and dislike about the space. Compare your space to the dream decor photos, and highlight the features that you want to implement into your space.

Add Colour
When it comes to revamping a room, one of the simplest ways to change the tone of a room is with colour. Not interested in painting a whole room? Then select one wall as a focal point. Not only will a splash of colour add dramatic appeal, but it is also simple to change back if you don’t like it.

Many times a room may look drab or outdated simply because of outdated flooring beneath your feet. Old carpet or damaged solid wooden flooring will remove the fresh lustre and appeal that you desire in a room. By simply changing your flooring, you may instantly brighten your space. If you floor needs to be replaced, there are many wooden floor options these days in a variety of textures and colours to tailor to your specific needs.
Note: Flooring is about 45 % of a room, so if you have bad flooring, then almost half of your room will be visually affected.

As you know, we are here for all your wooden flooring needs, especially if you need wooden flooring in the UK. Stop by our blog for everything regarding wooden flooring, bamboo, and engineered wooden flooring options.

Various Oak Colors

Various Oak Colors

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